DVD and blog in Dutch

Welcome to the original blog of the overland musical journey of folk singer Linde Nijland and multi-instrumentalist Bert Ridderbos. They made this exciting trip end of 2008, together with filmer Hans Meerman.

For those who would like to read the blog in Dutch, there’s now a translated site: http://muzikalereis.wordpress.com/ Nederlandstalig

The DVD (+CD) ‘A Musical Journey – on the road to Bhutan’ with images of musical encounters in Serbia, Iran, India and Bhutan can be ordered here

cover DVD / CD

CD / DVD review


One Response to “DVD and blog in Dutch”

  1. Tony Robson Says:

    Hiya Bert and Linde, I received the “Linde Nijman sings Sandy Denny” cd which you so kindly sent to me, and which I received on my Birthday. I greatly enjoy listening to it. Thank You Both Very Much, for your Kindness.

    I have just pre-ordered,-( via Ms.Nijman,s site)-, the Road to Bhutan dvd. What I now need to know , is How/When do I pay for it?? PLEASE-PLEASE- PLEASE do not send it as a gift. Please allow me the priviledge of paying for it.

    Best Wishes to you Both, for 2010 and Forever. Stay Safe. Stay Happy.Tony.

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